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Tax-Free Roth Conversion

If you have a large amount of money in qualified plans such as IRA's, 401(k), 403(b), Deferred Compensation, etc., you do not have control of your money. Congress does because he controls tax rates. He can increase taxes to any rate he wants, any time he wants. The highest tax rate in the U.S. topped out at 94%. Hopefully, we never get back to those levels but we have been there before, and with the Baby Boomers retiring and now instead of paying Social Security and Medicare taxes, the boomers are now wanting their Social Security and Medicare payments. We show you how to convert your qualified plans to Roth IRA's where you do not need to pay the conversion tax. Now, you contributed your money tax-deferred to a qualified plan, converted your money into a Roth tax-free, and then your money grows and is withdrawn tax-free - all condoned by the U.S. Tax Code.

Retirement Withdrawal Order

When you retire, the order that you withdraw money from your various accounts will have a big impact on how long your money lasts in retirement.   One needs to take into account different tax treatment, e.g. an IRA, or a Roth, etc., the rate of return, the sequence of returns risk, and run an algorithm to ensure you optimize your withdrawal process.  This can impact your account by thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

College Cost Reduction 

Almost any family of any income can engage in financial processes that help reduce your college costs.   We have a subsidiary named College Cash Solutions devoted solely to help you reduce your college costs.  Click Here to find out more.  

Retirement Contribution Processes

The financial process you use to fund your retirement will dictate if you have control of your money.  An IRA, a 401(k), and other qualified plans cause you to lose control of your money tax rate increase risk.  We will show you a financial process where you can save for retirement and keep control of your money.   


We have been in an extended low overall growth / high volatility period.

In such an era economists state buy and hold (hope) is a frustrating strategy.  We believe there is a better way.  We employ strong automated downside protection strategies so when the market goes down, our goal is to minimize your account dropping with the market.   

Mortgage Acceleration

Many people overpay their mortgage each month to pay off their mortgage fast.  With the same cash flow, we will show you a way to pay off your mortgage even faster and keep control of your money.  

Asset Protection 

Having an Umbrella policy is sound and responsible, but in many ways it puts a larger target on your back to creditors and predators.   There are process to protect your assets, home, savings, etc., from predators, creditors and court judgments.   

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