The Super Bowl & Your Account Balance

Two Topics:

  • The market is down 400 points today and Your Super Bowl Strategy

  • First Brian Tracy and now Elite Advisor Magazine

Market Drops and The Super BowlSo what does a 400 point down market and the Super Bowl have in common? DEFENSE!!!

I have much respect for the quarterback of the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning, but if you watched the AFC playoff game where the Broncos played against Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, or watched the Super Bowl where Denver played against the M.V.P. of the NFL, Cam “Superman” Newton, both games were resoundingly won by Denver’s pronounced defense.

Today, the market at one point was down 400 points. Ouch!!! But, the good news is that you have chosen to hold a similar Broncos strategy by implementing strong portfolio defense. Our algorithms and managers noted last September that market trends were down, so we began the process of retreating from the market, just as we did in 2008, and 2000. The trend has continued moving down and we continued our retreat from the market. That’s DEFENSE – It wins Super Bowls and it wins for your portfolio too. You have three levels of defense: The managers we choose have a philosophy of protect your money first and grow your money second. They use their algorithms to engage in, or pull back from the market as they identify the market trends up or down

Our Registered Investment Advisory firm, Formula Folios, also uses an algorithm, consisting of: a) the Relative Strength Index, b) the 50 and 200 day moving average, and c) The 12 and 26 day Convergence Divergence Moving Averages, to decide if we invest more money into those mangers or pull money away from our mangers. And finallyAsset Lock. To see a quick reminder of Asset Lock, Click Here

So while most people do not want to open their monthly statements after driving home listening to the radio announcer crying how low the market dropped, or they open their statements with fear, you can open your monthly statements with confidence knowing you chose just like the Super Bowl winning Denver Broncos – have a strong defense! By the way, Dr. Shiller, the Nobel winning economist also came to the same conclusion. During this era of extended low growth coupled with high volatility, he states adopting strong downside protection strategies is prudent.

Lastly, for the people in your life you most care about, please let them know there is a better way than the industry standard portfolio 60% equities / 40% bonds that drags your returns on the way up and down.

First Brian Tracy and now Elite Advisor Magazine

Last month I let you know that the International Best Selling author, Brian Tracy, contacted me to feature me in his next book Masters of Success. I am humbled again this month, as Elite Advisor magazine has decided to include me and my practice in their magazine.

Elite Advisor magazine is a financial services industry magazine and they will feature our firm in their fourth quarter issue. I am very honored and humbled to be chosen by Elite Advisor magazine and now need to find a photographer (with outstanding Photoshop skills) to take my photo for their pages. I will send you a link to their magazine when it is published in the fourth quarter of 2016.

We thank you for your continued trust,

Gary Sipos, MBA, AIF®

Sipos Financial & Insurance Services

(415) 742-0717

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